Review test

Which selection pressures of alpine habitats may explain the abundance of vegetative growth in alpine plants?

When would you expect a low genetic diversity in a long-lived clonal plant species?

Name at least three of the possibilities by which a plant is able to reproduce vegetatively?

What is the difference between a "phalanx" and a "guerrilla" growth form in a clonal plant?

There are many advantages of clonal growth in plants? What is the benefit of clonal integration?

What kind of clonal growth form and strategy would you expect in an extremely hostile high mountain environment?

In what kind of habitat would you expect an expansive clonal strategy with intensive lateral spread of clones?

What kind of resources are mainly transported basypetally, which one acropetally in physiological integrated clonal plant?

Why would you not expect a complete abandonment of seed production in a clonal plant, even when population growth rate is nearly exclusively based on vegetative reproduction?

Why would you expect clonal growth in pioneer species of alpine habitats?