About Alpandino

Alpandino emerged from ALPECOLe, an e-learning course in alpine ecology jointly developed by a consortium of Swiss institutions as part of the Swiss Virtual Campus program. Alpandino is the Spanish translation of the globally applicable alpine plant ecology part of ALPECOLe. The original ALPECOLe course also offers lessons that are rather specific to the Alps or to the temperate zone and thus have not been considered for translation in the context of Alpandino (e.g. specific accounts of vegetation, animals, glaciers and history of treeline in central Europe).

Alpandino is the collective effort of the following people and institutions:

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Except where otherwise noted, all content of the Alpandino e-learning course is licensed unter the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Switzerland Licence. This means you have the freedom to copy, distribute, display and perform the work, provided you give proper credit to the original authors. It is strictly forbidden to use Alpandino for any commercial purpose. If you intend to make derivate works (except in class lecturing), for instance using diagrams in printed or electronic publications, please contact us. We are happy to grant permission on a person to person basis and we may be able to provide higher resolution diagrams and images. Translations are not permitted without permission, but if you are willing to contribute a translation in another language, please contact us for further assistance.

Referencing Alpandino has to be done in the following way: "© Alpandino (alpandino.org)" or, if this is not feasible because of layout or space restrictions: "© alpandino.org". In online materials, the reference must be underlain with a link to our website http://alpandino.org/ or, if the reference applies to a specific page of Alpandino, with a link to the corresponding page.