System requirements

Any web browser that can handle the web standards

should be able to correctly render the contents of Alpandino's lessons, that is e.g. any recent version of

should be fine (list incomplete). Note that we do not support older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer as these do not adhere to the above standards. Furthermore, you need the plugin

Please make sure JavaScript is enabled in your web browser, otherwise some functionality offered by the lessons might be missing.

Finding your way through Alpandino

Alpandino is made up of 10 lessons. The top menu bar lists areas and services common to all lessons within Alpandino. Lessons are numbered for convenience but may be followed in any order.

Each lesson has a unique navigation tree. Each lesson begins with a large navigation tree which is a visual representation of the contents within the lesson. Subsequent pages have a scaled down version of the lesson's navigation tree.

sample of large navigation tree
1 - Large navigation tree
sample of small navigation tree
2 - Small version

Each content page is represented by a dot on the tree. You may jump to any page within a lesson by clicking on its dot on either the large or small navigation tree.The structure of the tree and placement of the dots show the order and relation between the topics they contain.

The meaning of the symbols are:

arrow - learning objectives
start page
flag - learning objectives
learning objectives
dot - core content
mandatory or core content pages
circle - supplementary content
supplementary or enrichment content pages
tick - review test
review test

Red symbols indicate the page your are currently on and greyed out symbols indicate pages you already visited.

All text links are in bold type face and adorned with a little icon that indicates the type of link:

glossary term link
link to glossary term definition
citation link
link to reference
figure link
link to figure
unit link
link to other page within the same lesson
lesson link
link to other lesson
external link
link to external resource
mail link
link to email address

Images with thin white borders are linked to enlarged views. Images with thick white borders are linked to enlarged views which contain core information. Other images with no frame stand as they are.

image linked to optional enlargement
3 - Image linked to optional enlargement (thin border)
3 - Image linked to optional enlargement (thin border)
image linked to mandatory enlargement
4 - Image linked to mandatory enlargement (thick border)
4 - Image linked to mandatory enlargement (thick border)
image unlinked
5 - Unlinked image (no frame)

If you have any further questions or problems relating to the use of Alpandino course materials, please contact Christian Körner (on contents of lessons) or Thomas Zumbrunn (on technical matters).